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St. Nicholas, Berwick Bassett, Wiltshire, England

St. Nicholas at Berwick Bassett is now a 'redundant church' and cared for by  The Churches Conservation Trust.

The small village of Berwick Bassett lies a few miles from Avebury.  We were fortunate to find the church as it is well hidden from the visitor!  A villager spotted we were 'lost' and gave us directions; he pointed to a signpost for the church, but it was obscured by hedging so we had missed it.  The only way to approach the church is via the footpath, which was very overgrown with nettles and other plants.  However, the path was only a hundred metres or so long, and we emerged through the kissing-gate into the churchyard.

Despite being redundant, the condition of the building was in good repair - no leaking roof or broken windows, although inside was looking rather sorry for itself.  We photographed all the gravestones that are still readable.
Berwick Bassett - photo: D002
Footpath leading to St. Nicholas!
No: D002     Size: 119k
Berwick Bassett - photo: 01
St. Nicholas
No: 01     Size: 383k
Berwick Bassett - photo: D001
No: D001     Size: 94k
Berwick Bassett - photo: 03
No: 03     Size: 264k
Berwick Bassett - photo: 02
No: 02     Size: 408k
Berwick Bassett - photo: D003
No: D003     Size: 37k
Berwick Bassett - photo: D004
No: D004     Size: 24k
Berwick Bassett - photo: D005
No: D005     Size: 98k
Berwick Bassett - photo: D006
Bellrope (inside porch)
No: D006     Size: 69k
Berwick Bassett - photo: D012
Notice inside the porch
No: D012     Size: 76k

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