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St. Mary the Virgin, Potterne, Wiltshire

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Outside St. Mary's
Book of Remembrance
War Memorial
Stained Glass

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St. Mary the Virgin at Potterne was built in the 13th century and is a splendid church to visit, especially if you are interested in genealogy as there are lots of memorials and other features to see.

The church is near the top of a hill and is difficult to photograph because of its position and due to it being surrounded by trees.   However, it is an attractive building and appears to be in good condition.   A printed leaflet - A brief History and Guide - is available inside the church to point out historical features; we have used this as our information source.

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April 2004 (862k)

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15th Century South porch
Photographs of inside porch
April 2004 (979k)

15th Century tower
June 2001 (391k)

April 2004 (354k)

April 2004 (924k)

April 2004 (934k)

North porch
April 2004 (975k)

Boundary wall of the graveyard
[inscriptions not readable]
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June 2001 (392k)

April 2004 (993k)

April 2004 (962k)

April 2004 (994k)

War Memorial

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April 2004
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April 2004
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