Holy Trinity Church, Bowerchalke, Wiltshire, England

To The Memory Of
The SOLDIERS of this Parish,
Who Fell in The GREAT WAR
1914 ~ 1919.

Tom Anderson
Dorset Regiment

Frederick C. Butler
Royal Air Force

Charles Case
Royal Navy (Submarine Section)

Walter Coombs
Hampshire Regiment

Frank Golden
Royal Irish Rifles

Hedley W. Golden
King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

Arthur Lawes
Wiltshire Regiment

Arthur Lush
Coldstream Guards

Isaac Sheppard
Coldstream Guards

Clement Vincent
Wiltshire Regiment

George Whitehead
Coldstream Guards

William Whitehead
Wiltshire Regiment

1939 ~ 1945
Edward Willsher
Grenadier Guards

"Their name liveth for evermore."