The War Memorial at the Church of St. Sampson, Cricklade, Wiltshire, England

To The Honoured Memory of the Gallant Men of This Place who Fell Fighting in the Service of Their Country in The Great War 1914~1919 Whose Names are Here Recorded, and in Thanksgiving for the Restoration of Peace, and the Return of Many Who Served with the Forces and Whose Names are Engrossed on the Roll of Honour Beneath the Figure of Our Saviour, To Whom Alone be the Dominion and the Glory For Evermore.  Amen

William Archer
Lionel Coole
James Cowley
Albert Curtis
Ernest Curtis
Jacob Curtis
Cyril Cuss
Hollister Clare Franklin
Charles Freeth
Albert Giles
Frederic Giles
George Giles
Arthur Edward Giles
Theodore Hayes
Leslie Hayward
George Hicks
Charles Howse
William James Hooper
George Knowles
Edward Kilminster
Frank Kilminster
Herbert Kilminster
Sidney Miles
James Pinnock
Henry Pinnock
William Poole
Stanley Stephens
Clement Stiles
Albert Henry Wilks
Ernest Witts
David Woodward
Thomas Woodward


Ivor Brooks Charles Mutlow
John Denning William Parrott
William Hayes Bernard Selby
Herbert Lanfear Cyril Webb