The Church of St. John the Evangelist, Sutton Veny, Wiltshire, England

Sutton Veny
~ Roll of Honour ~

Names of men from this Parish
Who Served their King and Country
In the Great War 1939~1945

Ernest A. Arnoldi       Royal Air Force
Ronald Arnoldi       Royal Signals
Thys T. Banner       Royal Artillery
Kathleen J. H. Barber       Women's Auxiliary Air Force
Benita D. Barham       Women's Auxiliary Air Force
Frederick S. Beach       Royal Marines
Royden A. J. Brown       K.A.O.C.
Peter F. D. Bunyan       Royal Air Force
Bernard J. Burt       Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry
Jean M. Burt       Women's Auxiliary Air Force
Cyril H. Cobden       Royal Artillery
Henry W. Crouch       Royal Army Service Corps
Charles Curtis       Royal Artillery
Albert Dale       Royal Air Force
Stanley Deem       Royal Artillery
Audrey Doel       Q.A.N.S.
Mary Doel       Women's Auxiliary Air Force
Alfred Douglas       Royal Artillery
Ernest Earley       Corps of Military Police
Harold Fielding       Royal Tank Regiment
Howard Fielding       Royal Tank Regiment
Mary Fielding       Auxiliary Territorial Service
Roy H. Fielding       Royal Air Force
Arthur Gibson       Royal Marines
Anthony C. Goodall       The Royals
Robin G. Goodall       Royal Artillery
Daisy Graham       Women's Auxiliary Air Force
Stanley T. Grigg       W. Yorkshire Regiment
Clifford L. Guy       Royal Artillery
Margaret S. Hampton       Auxiliary Territorial Service
+   Frank I. Haskell       Royal Navy
+   John B. Hinton       Royal Navy
Sidney E. Hinton       Royal Air Force
+   Peter G. Hobbs       Royal Horse Artillery
+   W. Paul Hobbs       Royal Artillery
Bertram A. J. Holly       Royal Air Force
+   Cyril E. Hudd       The Queens R.
Frederick A. Hudd       R. War. Yeomanry
Herbert J. Humphries       Royal Artillery
Harold Jay       2nd Rifle Brigade
Anthony G. Jenkins       The Bays
Frederick W. Judd       Royal Air Force
Reginald T. Ladd       Royal Army Service Corps
James K. Limmage            
Margaret Mallett       Women's Auxiliary Air Force
Robert E. Mallett       Royal Air Force
Edward J. Milton       R. War R.
John Riley       Royal Army Service Corps
Edward H. S. Scane       Royal Army Medical Corps
Norman D. Scane       Gloucestershire Regiment
George Sheppard       Royal Air Force
George E. Shergold       Royal Army Service Corps
Ronald F. Shergold       Royal Army Service Corps
Victor Shergold       Royal Artillery
Dorothy E. Smith       Auxiliary Territorial Service
Charles E. Stubbs       Royal Artillery
Albert J. Vincent       14th/20th H.
Gwendoline Viney       Auxiliary Territorial Service
John C. Walker       Rifle Brigade.
Robert R. C. Walker       Royal Naval Volunteer Reserves
Thomas Ward       Wiltshire Regiment
James Webster       Royal Air Force
Thomas G. Wigmore       Royal Air Force

+   denotes those who lost their lives