All Saints Church, West Lavington, Wiltshire, England


Names of Men from
serving with
His Majesty's Naval & Military Forces in

1st Wiltshire 3rd Wiltshire Albt. King 6th Wiltshire H. Shore
H. Baish A. Baker Arth. King F. Hibberd C. White
E. Baker T. Davis S. Lush

F. Collins G. Dawes B. Lye 7th Wiltshire Royal
E. Draper F. Hillier Fred Lye F. R. Baker Wiltshire
H. Marks W. Munday H. Mead
S. Marks
H. Y. Mead 8th Wiltshire H. Butcher
F. Nutland 4th Wiltshire F. Moore A. Baker F. Kelloway
A. Stowe Alf Baker B. Potter S. Baker B. Lush
G. White J. Brown T. J. Raine W. Chapman A. Mead

J. Coleman A. Spackman A. Hillier Chas. Mead
2nd Wiltshire W. Draper E. Titt P. King A. Phillips
D. Chard F. Grant H. Titt E. Kite C. Young
W. Collins A. Hibberd R. Wheeler F. Marks W. D. Young
W. Comyn G. Hillier
S. Phillips
W. Hibberd J. Hoare 5th Wiltshire M. Scott
F. R. K. Marks J. Kelloway J. Gardner D. Shore

Various Regiments, etc.
F. Allsopp W. Harrison   ~   Motor Transport
J. Allsopp   ~   South Lancashire Regiment R. Hibberd   ~   Royal Marines
K. Allsopp   ~   Royal Army Medical Corps Humphries   ~   Motor Transport
Robt. Allsopp C. Kelloway   ~   2nd Dragoon Guards
B. Amor   ~   Royal Navy F. K. Kelloway   ~   Royal Field Artillery
G. Baish   ~   South Wales Borderers A. McGrath   ~   Gordon Highlanders
R. Baish Royal Garrison Artillery R. O'Dell   ~   Motor Transport
R. Baish   ~   Royal Garrison Artillery R. Ovens   ~   Royal Navy
F. Baker   ~   Royal Navy J. Phillips
J. Baker   ~   Royal Field Artillery F. Pinchen   ~   Army Ordnance Corps
A. Baldwin   ~   Royal Garrison Artillery J. Raine   ~   Canadian Contingent
F. Blagdon   ~   Royal Field Artillery A. Richardson   ~   Army Service Corps
H. Blagdon   ~   Royal Marines J. Sainsbury   ~   Royal Engineers
W. Blagdon   ~   Royal Horse Artillery H. Scratchley
A. Budgell   ~   2nd Dragoon Guards A. Shore   ~   Coldstream Guards
G. Church   ~   Royal Army Medical Corps F. Shore   ~   Army Service Corps
A. Collins   ~   Hampshire H. Smith
F. Dawes   ~   2nd Dorset Regiment J. Smith   ~   Liverpools
L. Dawes   ~   Royal Navy Alf Stowe   ~   Royal Engineers
G. Ellis   ~   - Hussars G. Stowe   ~   Canadian Contingent
G. Fennel   ~   Royal Navy M. Wells   ~   21st Lancers
E. Goodall   ~   Royal Flying Corps C. Willis
G. Griffiths   ~   Royal Fusilliers G. Wynn   ~   Army Service Corps