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Holy Cross, Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire, England

Ashton Keynes is a rather pretty village on the boarder of Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, about 15 miles north west of Swindon.  The surrounding area is now a major source of aggregate and many of the former gravel pits have been turned into lakes which are now used for water sports - known as the Cotswold Water or Country Parks.

The parish church is called Holy Cross and was founded in the 12th century.  The building has been enlarged, altered and renovated at various times over the years, with major work being undertaken in the 1870's by William Butterfield, who also designed Keble College in Oxford.

Within the church it is possible to buy "a simple and brief guide for visitors", which is just what it says!  It guides you around the building, giving a short explanation of the various historical objects.  We have used this guide as our source when giving any details - ie dates - in these pages.  It is easy when visiting these old buildings to be carried away with its history and forget what they were built for - a place of worship.  The leaflet asks:  "Before you go outside please say a prayer for the Church in this village, that the building that you have visited may not just be of historic interest but a centre of worship for the people who are the Church in Ashton Keynes."  This sums up the attitude of its current congregation - it is a place of worship foremost, whilst appreciating and caring for its history.

We met with some of the congregation on a Wednesday after the mid-week service.  Thank you for your welcome and your interest in our project.

On a side wall of the church is a plaque listing all the vicars who have served at the church, it cites as its source "Institutiones Clericorum In Comitatee Wiltonice, ab anno 1297 ad annum 1810" (Baronetto Thoma Phillips 1825).  Also on show is an excerpt from "The Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine (June 1893)" which contains many more details about the church.
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Ashton Keynes - photo: 001
Holy Cross
Photo: March 2000
No: 001     Size: 675k
Ashton Keynes - photo: 418
Photo: June 2004
No: 418     Size: 919k
Ashton Keynes - photo: 410
South Porch
Photo: June 2004
No: 410     Size: 770k
Ashton Keynes - photo: 013
Photo: July 2000
No: 013     Size: 473k
Ashton Keynes - photo: 419
Photo: June 2004
No: 419     Size: 940k
Ashton Keynes - photo: 420
Photo: June 2004
No: 420     Size: 773k
Ashton Keynes - photo: 372
War Memorial
Photo: June 2004
No: 372     Size: 986k
Ashton Keynes - photo: 373
Inscription on War Memorial
Photo: June 2004
No: 373     Size: 578k
Ashton Keynes - photo: 421
Photo: June 2004
No: 421     Size: 726k
Ashton Keynes - photo: 002
Photo: March 2000
No: 002     Size: 574k
Ashton Keynes - photo: 422
Photo: June 2004
No: 422     Size: 989k
Ashton Keynes - photo: 417
Photo: June 2004
No: 417     Size: 937k
Ashton Keynes - photo: 416
Photo: June 2004
No: 416     Size: 885k
Ashton Keynes - photo: 012
Photo: July 2000
No: 012     Size: 451k
Ashton Keynes - photo: 006
Gargoyle on tower
Photo: March 2000
No: 006     Size: 415k
Ashton Keynes - photo: D002
Photo: July 2000
No: D002     Size: 80k
Ashton Keynes - photo: D001
Photo: July 2000
No: D001     Size: 80k
Ashton Keynes - photo: 415
Photo: June 2004
No: 415     Size: 722k
Ashton Keynes - photo: 414
Photo: June 2004
No: 414     Size: 475k
Ashton Keynes - photo: 413
Photo: June 2004
No: 413     Size: 650k
Ashton Keynes - photo: 411
Photo: June 2004
No: 411     Size: 577k
Ashton Keynes - photo: 412
Photo: June 2004
No: 412     Size: 336k
Ashton Keynes - photo: 370
From the Seabrook family
Photo: June 2004
No: 370     Size: 976k
Ashton Keynes - photo: 371
Inscription on bench
Photo: June 2004
No: 371     Size: 298k

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