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 St. Nicholas 
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The Church of St. Nicholas, Hardenhuish, Chippenham, Wiltshire

Rectors of St. Nicholas, Hardenhuish
(later Vicars of other ministers)

Date Name Notes
1299 Richard de Kanynggs
1399 R. Wood de Chiverel
1350 John Daunteseye
- - Durrand Wygemour
1362 Richard Leut Died 1380
1380 William Smyth Excle'd 1381
1381 Thomas Gossefort Became Rector of Pitex Gabewyn, Oxon
- - Thomas Mulleward Resigned 1399
1399 Robert Bochard Became Vicar of Motton, Lincs.
1410 John Snyput Died 1447
1447 John Belton
- - John Cluff Died 1463
1463 Thomas Godwyn Died 1465
1465 John More Died 1472
1472 John Cole Died 1479
1479 William Crouche
1479 Thomas Broke Died 1525
1546 Richard Gooman Died 1546 on day appointed Rector
1546 John Clerke 1546-1557
1567 William Gyll Resigned 1570
1567 Thomas Wilde Also Vicar of Chippenham. Died 1574
1574 William Walker No Rector? Vicar of Chippenham with Tytherton Lucas 1574-1583
1583 William Chalfont   MA No Rector? Vicar of Chippenham with Tytherton Lucas 1583-1594
1592 Richard Buley   MA Resigned 1595
1595 Thomas Bridges   MA Died 1634
1635 Francis Dewy   BD Died 1643.  Also Vicar of Chippenham 1630-1643
1643 Samuel Eyre   BA Cession 1961
1661 William Rust Vicar of Sutton Benger.  Died 1683
1683 William Lake   MA Also Vicar of Chippehman 1681-1704.  Also Rector of Somerford 1702-1704.  Died 1704
1704 Thomas Keate lit. Died 1742
1742 Christopher Holland   MA Also Vicar of Chippenham 1738-1760.  Died 1760
1760 Francis Wellman   BA Also Vicar of Oaksey 1765-1770.  Died 1770
1770 William Juson   BA Also Vicar of Chippenham 1760-1777.  Died 1777
1777 Samuel Smith   BA Also Rector of Stanton St. Quinton 1780-1823.  Died 1823
1823 Anthony Austin   MA Also Curate of Stanton Quinton 1823-1838.  Also Rector of Alderley 1831
1838 Robert Kilvert   MA 1836 Curate, 1838 Rector of Langley Burrell & Hardenhuish.  Died 1892 buried at Langley Burrell
1857 Alexander Headley Curate Christian Malford 1856.  Rector 1857-1890
1861 John Rich   BA Vicar of Chippenham & Tytherton Lucas.  Also Rector of Kellaways 1884
1891 James Loy   BA Rector of Hardenhuish
1900 Joseph Frederick Griffiths Rector of St. Paul's & Hardenhuish 1899-1908.  Later Vicar of Holy Trinity, Hinkley
1908 Maxwell Homfray Smith   MA Vicar of Chippenham   Rector of Hardenhuish.  Became Bishop of Ballarat, Australia 1917
1917 Francis Wrangham   BA Canon.  Rural Dean 1916.  Became Vicar of Highworth
1920 John Sydney Fowle   BA Became Rector of Barmston, Yorks
1929 Leonard Jeffrey Carter   MA Incl. Good Shepherd, Woodlands.  Became Rector of Abbotts Leigh 1934
1935 William Henry Barkwell Became Vicar of St. Oswald, Bristol.  Later Rector of Christian Malford.  Rural Dean 1951-60
1939 Leonard Cyril Cornwell   MA Rector-in-charge.  Rector of St. Pauls 1936-50.  Became Archdeacon of Swindon 1947
1942 Henry Richard Cattarns   FRCS Retired 1946
1946 Tom Venables Hordern Rector of Hardenhuish with Woodlands.  Became Vicar of Staplefields, Haywards Heath
1949 Grenville Canning Lake   BD Became Vicar of Marshfield 1955
1955 Mervyn Canby   AKC Died 1961
1962 John K. Gardiner   OBE Resigned 1968.  Left Bristol Diocese 1969
1969 Roger Thomas   BA Curate-in-charge.  Rector 1971.  In 1975 moved to Harcliffe
1975 J. E. Guy Oswald   MA Priest in charge.  Team Vicar 1979-1982.  Moved to Little Somerford
1979 Derek N. Copeland   MA Team Rector to 1989
1985 David Peter Scrace Team Vicar.  Moved to Harnham 1991
1989 John Alec Smith   BD Team Rector.  Retired 2000
1991 Christopher B. Wray   BA Team Vicar.  Moved to Chipping Sodbury 1997
1998 Wendy Elizabeth Sanders Team Vicar and Rural Dean (1999).  Moved to be Team Rector of Cockermouth 2003
2001 Simon James Tyndall   MA Team Rector.  Area Dean 2008.  Moved to St. Paul's Tervuren (Belgium)
2003 James Denniston   MA Team Vicar.  Moved to Lee Abbey 2007 (was Chaplain there 1997‑02)
2006 David Kilmister   BA Associate Minister (Ordained Local Minister)
2009 Mike Watkins Team Vicar (at large).  Left 2010
2011 Simon David Dunn   BA Team Vicar.  Priest-in-charge 2014

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