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The Church of All Saints, Fittleton, Wiltshire

The photograph below has been sent to us by Marie Smith (nee Blake) and we hope someone will be able to help her identify the people in the photograph and a date it was taken.  Please email Marie directly if you can help:  mariesmith95@btinternet.com

Marie's late great grandfather - Herbert William Blake - was the Rector's Warden for about twenty years, until his death in 1938; he is fourth from left in the back row.  Marie's great grandmother, Anna Blake, is seated first left in the middle row.  None of the other people's names are known.  As usual when researching one's family history, one photograph can lead to many questions - Marie wonders if there are any Hicks, Beach or Lamont families in the photograph, and the Rector's name.  It would also be helpful to date the photograph.

To help you view the photograph easier we have reduced the size so it can be seen on your screen without moving around using the scroll bars.  The full size version is further down the page.

Back Row:  4th from left: Herbert William Blake
Middle Row:  1st left: Anna Blake

But who are the others and when was this photograph taken?

There are gravestones in the churchyard for Herbert and Anna Blake and a second to their son Sidney Herbert "Bert" Blake and his wife Dora.  The latter lived to be a month short of her 109th birthday in 1988.

Thank you for your help.

Full size photo, file size 122k

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