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 St. Mary 
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Rectors of The Church of St. Mary, Orcheston St. Mary, Wiltshire



A.D. A.D.
1307 Richard de Schendone 1772 Abraham Erans
1308 William de Depeforde 1777 John Freeman
1342 Henry de Rolneston 1796 Henry Hale
1364 Gilbert de Stone 1827 Edward Tomson Bidwell
1380 William de Often 1852 John Wardale
John Manston 1876 Frederick Kent Clarke
William Punchon 1888 William Dawson Ridley
1405 Matthew Logardyn 1898 George Thomas Piper Streeter
John Bourne 1913 Edward James Penistan
1406 Richard Richeman 1918 Sydney Clement Winterton
William Talbot 1931 Charles Herbert Whittaker
1416 Thomas Atkyn who became Rector of the united Benefices of
1434 Richard Oliver St. GEORGE & St. MARY
Richard Ryver IN 1933
1445 John Phippe or Chippenham 1935 Harold William Wheeler
Richard Bourne 1938 David Lawrencet Mousley
1466 Thomas Stoke 1950 Edward Monier Bickersteth
1468 John Littlecote Hon. Canon of St. George's, Jerusalem
1480 Nicholas Pope 1959 Lawrence Gane Inge
1508 Henry Ferman 1966 Frederick George Chamberlain
1526 Henry Cocks 1980 Roberts Francis Dossetor
Henry Constable 1986 Cyril Edward Eason
1532 Richard Littlecote Hon. Canon of St. Marys Cathedral
1538 William Wroe Mufulira, Zambia
John Hobbes 1992 Eric Henry Ashmore Hayden
1575 John Thornborough 1998 Michael Wilfred Fearn
afterwards Bishop of Worcester
Egidius Thornborough Sen.
1637 Egidius Thornborough Jun.
1680 Thomas Jones
James (or Giles) Thornborough
1735 George Watts
afterwards Master of the Temple

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