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 St. Nicholas 
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The Church of St. Nicholas, Baydon, Wiltshire

Incumbents of St. Nicholas, Baydon  (taken from lists at the church)

1610 Johannes Wylde
1700 Johannes Rowland
1710 Thomas Hawes
1711 Thomas White
1731 Radulphus Keddon
1732 Francis Cox
1740 Robert Green
1750 Thomas Evans
1765 Richard Garrard
1791 (Mr) Neale
1792 William Mitchell
1871 William Jennings
1834 Thomas Meyler
1840 Frederick Williamson
1853 Alan Brodick
1861 William Smith
1871 Maurice Meyrick
1883 H. C. Lambert
1891 J. Allen Pitt
1901 William Sheppard *
1916 Augustus Inmay Gibson
1927 John Samuel Holmes
1954 R. C. Unwin
1956 G. C. Perry
1964 Percy F. Chapman
1973 Michael F. Cripps
1981 Selwyn Swift
1984 John Kingsley-Smith
1992 Peter Hyson

* Dedication on Stalls shows spelling of Shepperd, as does the history guide.

Search surnames at  this  location or  all  locations

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