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The Church of St. Michael & All Angels, Lambourn, Berkshire

Lambourn War Memorial

1914 ~ 1919
Adam Robert Frank Embling Edgar Mildenhall
Adams Raymond Thomas Eyles John Palmer
Asker Ernest Frederick Francis Walter Pike
Ball John Arthur Gosling Thomas Pilcher
Boston Alfred Leonard Gylby Frederick Reynolds
Bradley William Samuel Helbrow Joseph Shephard
Brown Percy Charles Jefferies Frederick Sheppard
Busby Alan William Joyce Frederick Standing
Candy Ernest Frederick Lockey Leonard Taylor
Coles Frederick Thomas Lockey Frederick Williams
Dickson Frederick Frank Marchant Charles A. Wing
Dobson Charles Alfred Marsh

1939 ~ 1945
Ainsworth J. C. H. Handy W. P. Taylor
Baker J. J. McKenny E. G. Taylor
Brind W. W. Mitchell J. P. M. Walsh
Clarke P. T. V. Page S. W. Wells
Fisher A. R. G. W. Peters P. J. Wood
Goddard G. F. C. H. Purton R. Worthington
Hearnden A. T.


Search surnames at  this  location or  all  locations

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