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 St. John 
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Gravestones at The Church of St. John the Baptist, Latton, Wiltshire

We have photographed all the readable gravestones at Latton up to March 2012.  (Except a couple of remembrance plaques which came out blurred.)  However, two things to note:  some of the inscriptions are extremely hard to read and we have made an educated guess at the name.  If you download the full size image you should be able to zoom in to better see the detail.  If you know we have recorded a name incorrectly, please contact us to let us know so we can correct it.

Secondly, especially if you have been researching names at Latton, please take a look at our 'unknown gravestones' pages.  These are gravestones that we cannot read the name.  If you are able to give us the names we can update our records and put them in the Gravestones pages.  Thank You

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Latton - photo: 0386
Nanchar Agnes & Norman Stanley
Photo No: 0386     Size: 1673k
Photo Date: March 2012
Latton - photo: 0209
Photo No: 0209     Size: 1908k
Photo Date: March 2012
Latton - photo: 0221
Photo No: 0221     Size: 1787k
Photo Date: March 2012
Latton - photo: 0356
John & Elizabeth
Photo No: 0356     Size: 1498k
Photo Date: March 2012
Latton - photo: 0365
Geoffrey Leonard & Beryl Miriam (nee Pool)
Photo No: 0365     Size: 1105k
Photo Date: March 2012
Latton - photo: 0096
Augusta (nee Richens)
Photo No: 0096     Size: 1616k
Photo Date: March 2012

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