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 St. Andrew 
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War Memorial at The Church of St. Andrew, Nunton, Wiltshire

the Men of this Parish who served in the War
1914 ~ 1918

Perry Bennett   w Arthur Hayes   w
Edward D. H. Buckley Frederick B. J. Hayes
Edward G. M. Buckley   w Kenelm Hulbert
Felix George Buckley   + Bertram A. Isaacs
Albert Clark Edwin James Isaacs   w
Victor Clark Albert Jacob   w
Walter Clark   w Stanley Arthur Jacob
James Compton William Jacob
Clement Coombs Frank Judd   +
Lionel Coombs Frederick Judd   w
B. Dowding   w George Judd
William Dredge William Judd
George Dudman Albert George Maple
Harold Dudman Albert Victor Maple   w
Herbert Dudman   w Frank Maple   w
Percy Dudman   + Frederick Maple   +
Walter F. Dudman   + Walter Alfred G. Maple
William J. Elkins   w Philip Nicholas
Edgar James Elliott   w Ernest Parsons   +
Ernest Charles Elliott Herbert Parsons   w
A. G. Francis Frank Perry   +
Ernest Charles Fray   w James Perry
Geoffrey Fray   + Bertram Phillips
Harry Gould Edward Phillips
Herbert Gould Harold Phillips   +
Lenard Gould Ralph Phillips
Percy Gould   + Arthur Porter
Joseph Gurney Harold Porter   +
Richard G. Haskell Sidney Porter
Albert E. Hawtin Pleydell Stephenson   w
Charles E. Hawtin Frederick W. Strong   w
Thomas H. Hawtin Albert Edward White
Victor Guy Hawtin Reginald White   w
William Hawtin William R. B. Witt

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