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 St. Mary 
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War Memorial at The Church of St. Mary, Odstock, Wiltshire

Names of Those Who Served
In World Wars I and II

First World War
Second World War
Arthur Angel Montague Carlisle
Arthur Christopher Compton Anthony Carlisle
Henry Charles Compton Brian Carlisle
William George Carter * Ronald Crouch
Alfred Henry Carter Ronald Feltham *
Harry Carter * Edward Grout *
Ralph Ellis Jack Gurd
Frank Ford Feltham Ronald Johnson
Percy Herbert Ford Peter Macdonald
Albert Arthur Ford Ernest Norris
Frank Leslie Ford Walter Sutton
Charles Lionel Ford Ronald Pearce
Edward Charles Henry Grant Stephen Smith
Sidney Philip Grant Sidney Jacobs
Joseph Grant * Victoria Gilmour
Leonard Gardiner Ethel Day
Albert Stephen Gay * Joan Grout
Leonard Charles Hatcher Frederick Compton
William Edward Hatcher George Ford
Edwin Percy Hatcher Keith Grant
Frederick Harold Hatcher Gilbert Rose
Herbert Leslie Hatcher Eric Gurd
John Parker Harding William Lamont
Philip John Miles Roy Davis
Charles Valentine Fred Jacobs
Henry Robert Miles * Christopher Carlisle
Victor George May Henry Hatcher
Richard May John Stewart
Frederick Pearcy * Charles Mitchell
Frederick Pewsey * Walter Bryant
George Smith Roy Grant
George Stevens Alfred Miles
Louis Waterman Gordon Gurd
Kenneth Hayes
Olwyn Apsley

* indicates loss of life

Search surnames at  this  location or  all  locations

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