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 St. Margaret's 
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Gravestones at The Church of St. Margaret, Stratton St. Margaret, Wiltshire

The graveyard at St. Margaret's is spread over three areas.  The area surrounding the church building is the oldest section.  A path leads through a break in a small stone wall, with a few steps down, into a second area; in this area there is a Garden of Remembrance which is surrounded by rose trees.  The final area can be accessed from the churchyard or by a lane running alongside the church.  This last area is quite vast and has the more recent burials.

We have photographed all the gravestones in the first two areas, although a few came out too blurred to use here, but many are very eroded and the inscriptions difficult to read.  We have guessed at some of the names.  Please contact us if you see we have made a mistake so we can amend the error.  Thank You.  We have started to photograph the third area but only a small percentage has been completed; we hope to return occasionally, when time and weather permits, to continue recording the gravestones.

Stratton St. Margaret - photo: 00470
Sarah & John
Photo No: 00470     Size: 836k
Photo Date: November 2004
Stratton St. Margaret - photo: 00373
George & Emma
Photo No: 00373     Size: 829k
Photo Date: November 2004
Stratton St. Margaret - photo: 00025
John & Helen
Photo No: 00025     Size: 776k
Photo Date: August 2004

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