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 St. Margaret's 
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Francis Kemble Hatchment at The Church of St. Margaret, Stratton St. Margaret, Wiltshire

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Not only do we have two transcriptions of the text on this hatchment, but we have two translations too.  As Latin translation is not an exact science it is open to interpretation, but at least we can see what the words mean to portray.  Two people were kind enough to do a translation, and their results follow the transcription.

Here is a transcription found in Swindon Library :

Hie jacet Franciscus Kembie generosus filius secondus Natu Franscisei Kembie De Sacerdotia Genitus Qu Apulis die rono obit corporus anno Aerata 69? Sux Octogesimo quarto anno Domini 1704 Hie jacet Juditha Kembie, Francisci Kembie, generosi vxor Guilliani Fisher de Sherborn in Conty of Dosset itidem nerosi filia Natie minium que obit December 26 1677, aged 58

Here is my transcription:

Hie jacet Franciscus Kemble Generosus filius ???
Secundus Natu Francisci Kemble De Sacerdotia ???
Genitus Qui Aprilis Die Nono Objit (or Obiit) Corpis Anno ???
Sux Octogesimo (or irno) Quatro Anno Domini 1704

Hie jacet Juditha Kemble, Francisci Kemble Generosi Vxor Gulidini?
Fisher De Sherborn In Commitatu Dorcestrice Itidem (or Itidern) Generosi Filia ???
Minion (or Minium) Que Obit Die Decebris 16 (or 26) Anno Domini 1677 Antis 58


“Here lies Franciscus Kembie generosus* second son born of Franscisei Kembie of priesthood Apulis rono* dead body in the year Bronze 69? In her 84th year in 1704
Here lies Juditha Kembie generosi* wife of Guilliani Fisher of Sherborne in the County of Dorset on same day daughter born who died December 26th 1677 age 58.”

*words not known

“Here lies Frank Kembie, generous second son of Frank Kembie De Sacerdotia Genitus Qu Apulis, whose body died aged 68/86 in the year of our Lord, 1704.
Here lies Judith Kembie, generous wife of Frank Kembie, only daughter of Guilliani Fisher of Sherborn (ie Sherbourne) in the county of Dorset, who died December 26th 1677, aged 58.”

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