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Cradle Roll at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Swindon, Wiltshire


John Weir
20th October 1945

Alan Cameron
13th October 1952
Baptised 25th January 1953

Andrea Marvel
22nd October 1958
Baptised 12th July 1959

William G. Thompson
8th March 1946

Jenette Joan
Baptised 1953

Lorna May Scott-Dodd
7th March 1959
Baptised 6th September 1959

Derek A. Powell
27th September 1946

Helen Ruth Comley
Baptised 19th April 1953

Sally Margaret Robbins
10th July 1959
Baptised 27th September 1959

Dianne Sleeman
31st October 1946

Malcom Shaw Chalmers Barron
31st January 1953
Baptised 9th August 1955

Morag Sheena Stronach
27th July 1959
Baptised 25th October 1959

Robert H. R. Brown
30th November 1946

Stephanie Laura Warren
9th July 1951
Baptised 20th April 19

Helen McKinlay
30th November 1969
Baptised 6th March 1960

Jenette F. Martin
5th November 1946

Anne Sutherland Chesney
10th May 1955
Baptised 27th September 1953

Cameron William Sinclair Lipp
30th Januar 1960
Baptised 1st May 1960

Roger Love
17th November 1946

Jane McIntosh
7th November 1953
Baptised 31st January 1954

Tracey Elizabeth Kench
6th February 1960
Baptised 1st May 1960

Allan J. Gosling
16th December 1946

Susan Greenwood
15th November 1953
Baptised 18th April 1954

Carol Elizabeth Wright
30th February 1960
Baptised 1st May 1960

Margaret A. Franklin
13th January 1947

Keith John Walker
14th March 1954
Baptised 2nd May 1954

Susan Wallace Muir
10th June 1959
Baptised 11th September 1960

Helen R. A. Snook
3rd February 1947

Clive Alan Willetts
18th June 1954
Baptised September 1954

James Cameron O'Brian
23rd May 1960
Baptised 18th September 1960

March 1947

Karen Paterson
October 1954
Baptised 1954

Gordon McNeil
29th January 1960
Baptised 16th October 1960

S. Hicks

William Alfred Tierney
21st December 1954
Baptised 10th April 1955

John Stephen Schad
19th September 1960
Baptised 16th October 1960

22nd September 1947

David Russell Lee
3rd March 1955
Baptised 10th April 1955

Sylia Smith
22nd August 1960
Baptised 6th November 1960

December 1947

Bryan Stuart Archer
3rd December 1954
Baptised 15th May 1955

June Wilma Cowie
9th May 1960
Baptised 27th November 1960

John G. Mann
18th January 1948

Andrew James Furguson
30th March 1955
Baptised 19th June 1955

David William Redwood
20th October 1960
Baptised 8th January 1961

11h February 1948

David John Sutherland Chesney
5th May 1955
Baptised 17th July 1955

John White
10th November 1960
Baptised 12th February 1961

David Alan Deacon
25th June 1948

Colin David Smith
3rd June 1955
Baptised 28th August 1955

Michael Leslie Green
19th January 1961
Baptised 19th March 1961

Angela Elaine Keay
25th July 1948

Michael James Lee
23rd October 1954
Baptised 16th October 1955

Caroline Lyn Monroe
2nd November 1960
Baptised 2nd April 1961

Andrea Bernice Karn
12th October 1948

Jane Dewar M. Barron
23rd January 1955
Baptised 23rd October 1955

Alan Stanley Bellinger
18th April 1961
Baptised 27th May 1961

Carol Hannah Hope
6th January 1949

Elizabeth Ann Duffill
9th November 1955
Baptised 29th January 1956

Iain James Lipp
17th May 1961
Baptised 20th August 1961

Celia Mary Cooper
3rd May
Baptised 17th July 1949

Roderick H. Neale
3rd September
Baptised Baptised March 1956

Steven John Best
15th May 1961
Baptised 29th October 1961

Christopher Churchill
27th November 1946
Baptised 17th July 1949

Elizabeth Syme Pooley
25th March 1956
Baptised 17th June 1956

Briony Margaret Cole
29th August 1961
Baptised 19th November 1961

Jean Mac---
20th April
Baptised July 1949

M. Robbins
18th December 1956
Baptised 1957

Neil Douglas Walker
28th June 1961
Baptised 26th November 1961

Fiona Susan Warren
2nd December 1948
Baptised 16th October 1949

Ian David Cole
22nd October 1957
Baptised 19th January 1958

Julie Ann Duffill
18th July 1961
Baptised 3rd December 1961

Joyce Aline Bonnick
11th December 1948
Baptised 16th October 1949

Culam R. MacDonald
15th January 1958
Baptised 23rd February 1958

Sarah Helen Schad
12th November 1961
Baptised 21st January 1962

Sheila Mary Franklin
30th May 1950
Baptised 3rd September 1950

Renee Carole Brewster
10th February 1958
Baptised 25th May 1958

Carol Elaine Anderson
17th December 1961
Baptised 18th February 1962

Shirley Hillier
15th August 1950
Baptised 17th September 1950

Malcolm McMeeking Muir
12th January 1957

Robert James McKinley
27th October 1961
Baptised 18th February 1962

Mary Elizabeth Heather Moffett
15th April 1950
Baptised 1-October 1950

Ian David Manson
12th August 1958
Baptised 28th September 1958

Sarah Helen Gould
Baptised 11th February 1962


Stephen Greenwood
13th January 1958
Baptised 2nd November 1958

Beverly Jane Grant
17th November 1961
Baptised 25th February 1962

Alexander George Ca---
8th May 1950
Baptised 15th July 1950

Jean Mary Bellinger
20th September 1958
Baptised 7th December 1958

Michael John Dunlop
4th January 1962
Baptised 20th May 1962

Isabella Grant White
30th November 1951
Baptised 30th December 1951

Katherine Fiona Thom
15th November 1958
Baptised 3rd May 1959

Neil Thomas Ferguson
10th January 1962
Baptised 20th May 1962

Isa Mary Weir
28th December 1951
8th June 1952

James Powell Wilcox
1st March 1959
Baptised 24th May 1959

Stuart Gall Watt
26th February 1962
Baptised 10th June 1962

Beryl Christine
30th January 1952
Baptised 18th June 1952

Marcus George Reeves
3rd March 1959
Baptised 24th May 1959

Colin George Willetts
16th October 1961
Baptised 17th June 1962

Louise Mary Little
Baptised 10th August 1952

Lynne Wheeler
22nd March 1959
Baptised 24th May 1959

Heather Hazel Brooks
17th July 1953
Baptised 11th August 1962

Catrinne Elizabeth Manoon
19th September 1951
Baptised 26th October 1952

David Thomas Stewart
7th January 1959
Baptised 19th July 1959

Amanda Kathleen Brooks
6th October 1957
Baptised 11th August 1962
Gwendoline Lilian Ruth Moffett
5th December 1951
Baptised 26th October 1952

Kenneth James Stewart
7th January 1959
Baptised 19th July 1959

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