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Ferndale Senior School, Swindon, Wiltshire

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Form 2M

The photograph below was taken approximately 1974 by Ken Mumford, our science and form teacher (was it 2M or 2K?).  I have tried hard to remember all the names and with some help from fellow in-mates (thanks Su and Andy), we've come up with this list.  Apologies for incomplete or incorrect names and spellings.  [I'll be pleased to receive corrections/additions.]

I have permission from the photographer to use this photo on our website - Thanks Ken.  However, you may feel you do not want your face or name on the web for everyone to see.  If this is the case, please let me know and I'll blur out your face and delete your name.

If you are as nosey as I am you will wonder how we have aged and what we've been up to over the past 40 years; whether we've become a Nobel Peace Prize winner or a serial killer.  So how about sending me a current photograph of yourself and a brief 'resume'?  I've started the ball rolling by doing this about me - see  What We Are Doing Now - which also gives details about sending me your photo.

Please, please   let me know the correct spelling of your name - I know I've got some wrong but if you don't tell me the correct spelling, I can't change it.

Back Row:
1.    Gillian Aldridge
2.    Marina Covey
3.    Mandy Lea (now Mrs Ball)
4.    Satvinda B.
5.    Karen Manning
6.    Ann Tombs
7.    Suzanne Long (now Mrs Snook)

Middle Row:
1.    Tracey Barrett
2.    Jacqueline Beckhelling
3.    Alison Ingham
4.    Jane Legg
5.    Michelle Jefferies
6.    Michael Doell

Front Row:
1.    Adrian Weeks
2.    Gary Hadgraft
3.    Sukinda 'Basher'
4.    Mark Payne
5.    Andrew Wilkins
6.    Trevor Murphy
7.    Kevin Webb
8.    Dave 'Hair Bear' Alden
9.    Debbie Lewis
10.  Carol Worrel
By himself at front:
1.    Neil Smith

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