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 St. George 
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The Church of St. George, Orcheston St. George, Wiltshire

Rectors of Orcheston St. George

Date Rectors
1299 John de Stokes
1307 John Waunry
1316 William de Estemoure
1387 John Seyntmer
1390 John Catelyn
1396 Thomas Tybbold or Theobald
1404 John Pyers
1422 John Kyvele alias Byde
1457 Robert Wellyngton
1477 John Esshyng
1482 William Braunche Subdean of Sarum 1482-6
1486 Thomas Beweshyn alias Hedley
1499 William Rolle
1530 Reginald Sands
1532 Adam Rosewell
1554 Henry Wythsa
1580 Nicholas Barlow
1610 Giles Thornborough M.A., Subdean of Sarum
1638 John Tyse M.A.
1670 William Beach M.A.
1690 Thomas Curgenven
1694 Edward Lambert M.A.
1710 Samuel Tyler M.A.
1728 Richard Bead B.A.
1772 Thomas Grove
1802 Francis Gibbs M.A.
1813 Chambre Brabazon Ponsonby Lowther M.A.
1830 Gorges Pantin Lowther M.A.
1881 John Edwards Prothera M.A.
1908 George Yeomans B.A.
1913 Ralph John Walter Grindle A.K.C.

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