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 St. Katharine's 
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The War Memorial at The Church of St. Katharine, Savernake, Wiltshire

Men from the Parish of St. KATHARINE'S
who served in the King's Forces
in the GREAT WAR
1914 ~ 1919

~~~ On Foreign Service ~~~

Most Hon. The Marquess of Ailesbury, D.S.O., T.D.
Charles Dorsan Baker * William Knight Charles Henry Smith
Albert Henry Barrett * Thomas Martin Alfred James Stone
Cyril George Bushnell William George Mills Robert Charles Stone
John David Chandler Frederick James Mills * Renford Earle Oswald Stroud
George William Frederick Chandler Frederick Norris Charles John Tandy
William Chun Edward James Norris Herbert Inman Taylor
Frederick John Crosby Louis George Norris Edward Jacob Tilley
Edward Arthur Cox * William Palmer George Smith Todd
Arthur George Davis Albert Peaty Charles Edward Vincent
Albert Edward Gigg John Menzies Prall Joshua Waters
Charles Dorsan Gilbert William Campbell Ratcliffe Graham Webb
* William Robert Gosling  M.M. John Duncan Campbell Ratcliffe Henry Frank Whitbread
Caleb Harris George Roffe Andrew George Whitbread  M.M.
William Henry Hillier  S.G.M. Albert Henry Roffe Edgar Tom Wilmott  M.M.
James Hillier Charles Roffe William Alexander Willmott
* Arthur William Hillier * Allan Frederick Shepherd Lionel Leycester Wootton  M.M.
Ernest George Hillier

~~~ On Home Service~~~

Frederick Ernest George Arthurs Albert Edward Cope Frederick John Tilley
Frederick James Belton Frederick James Hillier Josiah Webb
Thomas Arthur Chandler Albert James Rushent William James White

*   The names of the eight Men who fell
in the War are also recorded on the
Memorial in the Church Yard

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