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 St. Leonard 
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Rectors of St. Leonard, Sutton Veny, Wiltshire

Rectors of Sutton Veny

1297 John De Bradenham 1680 Richard Bayly M.A.
1304 John Le Breton 1716 Francis Holland
1309 John Enebury 1731 Edward Taylor M.A.
1309 Richard De Berton 1764 Joseph Pain
1336 William De Abingdon 1766 William Davison
1339 Henry Palgrove 1780 Brounker Thring D.D.
1360 William De Boulton 1812 William D. Thring D.D.
1361 Nicholas Poywick 1854 George F. S. Powell
1376 John Stretton 1888 Arthur W. Booker
1398 Robert Elande 1896 Arthur J. Everett M.A.
1417 Simon Sydenham 1907 Arthur Sewell M.A.
afterwards Bishop 1923 Eustace A. Chorley M.A.
1421 Thomas Sircestre 1946 Howard M. Bennett M.A.
1453 Thomas Preay 1958 Donovan V. Evening
14-- John Ayssh 1963 Edward Wade-Stubbs Lth, B.A.
1502 Thomas Benet 1967 Roland C. Desch M.B.E. A.K.C.
1507 Henry Mompesson 1971 John Rhys-Hughes B.A.
1509 Cuthbert Tunstall Priest-in-Charge
afterwards Bishop 1975 John Rhys-Hughes B.A.
1509 William Ravyn 1981 Peter R. English
1526 John Poote 1991 Robert R. Webb M.A.
15-- John Long Upper Wylye Valley Team
1997 Hugh Hoskins
1582 Thomas Dobbes 2004 John H. Tomlinson B.Sc.
1597 Thomas Hide
1618 Walter Coningsby D.D.
1635 Henry Swaddon
{Daniel Burgess}
intruded preacher 1646-1660
1670 John Cleavely

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