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 St. Mary 
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The Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Hullavington, Wiltshire

+     Vicars of Hullavington     +

1297 Hundlavyngton Matheus, Prior de Hyndlavington, Procurator Abbetis et Convent de St Victore William Heryng
1343 Hunlavynton Michael Clarel, pro Abb: de St Victore in Wmus. de Combe
1344 Hunlavynton Rex, pro priore de Hunlavynton William Herberd de Ernes
1347 Hunlavynton Rex, pro priore de Hunlavynton Johannes de Carliolo
1349 Hunlavynton Rex, pro priore de Hunlavynton Adamus de Hille
1353 Hunlavynton Robertus, Epise: Sarum Adamus Heynes
1364 Hunlavynton Prior de Hunlavynton Robertus de Radeford
1378 Hunlavynton Rex Thomas de Norton
1381 Hunlavynton Rex, pro priore de Hunlavynton Johannes Tayllor
1382 Hunlavynton Rex Stephanus Clanford
1400 Hunlavynton Rex Ricardus Andrewe
1404 Hunlavynton Rex Wmus: Ibos permateum B.A.
1408 St. Mariae Magdal de Ann Rex, pro Priore de Clatford Johannes Hore vice
1409 Hunlavynton Rex, pro Priore de Clatford Johannes Salesbury vice
1411 Hunlavynton Johanna Regina pro hac vice Walterus Salesbury pr.
1414 Hunlavynton Rex Robertus Radeler vice W.S.
1417 Hunlavynton Johanna Regina Wmus: Fitz Rauf vice
1420 Hundlavyngton Rex Thomas Beteyn vice
1422 Hundelavyngton Rex Ricardus Crotty p.r. ...
1430 Hundlavyngton Johanna Regina Johannes Wansforde vice
1440 Hundelavyngton Rex Henricus Ricardus Duryvall p.r. ...
1444 Hundlavyngton Prepositus Collegii Eton Johannes Mangwyle p.r. ...
1448 Hundlavyngton Prepositus Collegii Eton Wmus: Mile p.r. ...
1455 Hunlavyngton Prepositus Collegii Regalis de Eton Wmus: Clarke
1463 Hullavyngton Prepositus Collegii Eton Johannes Harwewell p.m.
1465 Hullavyngton Decanus Collegii St Georgi Windsore Wmus: Blyke p.m.
1472 Hullavyngton Prepositus Collegii Reg: Eton Johannes Thomas p.m.
1512 Hullavington Prepositus Collegii Eton Laurenc Banke p.m.
1554 Hullavington Thomas Smith, Miles, & Prepositus Coll: Eton Johannes Giles
1599 Hullavington Henricus Savill, Prepositus Coll: Eton Johannes Moore p.m.
1636 Hullavington Henricus Wotton, Miles, Prepositus Coll: Eton Johannes Stanley p.m.
1675 Hullavington Ricardus Allestree, Prepositus Coll: Eton Thomas Petty
1693 Hullavington Zacharias Cradock, Prepositus Coll: Eton Johannes Bayly p.m.
1694 Hullavington Zacharias Cradock, Prepositus Coll: Eton Andreas Gellibrand p.c.
1703 Hullavington Henricus Godolphin, Prepositus Coll: Eton Johannes Cooke p.m.
1710 Hullavington Collegium Eton Johannes Jackson p.m.
1739 Hullavington Henry Bland, Provost of Eton College Giles Ernly p.m.
1753 Hullavington Eton College William Adlam p.c.
1791 Hullavington Eton College Alexander Ratcliffe p.m. W.A.
1792 Hullavington Eton College C. P. Worsley
1826 Hullavington Eton College William Carter p.c.
1864 Hullavington Eton College Richard Thomas Powys p.m.
1878 Hullavington Eton College Laxon Edward Sweet p.c.
1893 Hullavington Eton College George Yonge p.c.
1905 Hullavington Eton College John Charles Ramsay p.c.
1921 Hullavington Eton College Edward Glanville Mortimer p.m.
1926 Hullavington Eton College Ernest William Smith p.c.
1938 Hullavington Eton College Henry Edward Baker p.c.
1952 Hullavington Eton College Walter Norman Booker p.c. H.E.B.
1965 Hullavington Eton College Donald Harry Brain p.c. W.H.B.

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