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Rectors of St. John, Warkleigh, Devonshire

Rectors of Warkleigh

1276 Sir Thomas de Wylolonde Sir Walter de Rale
1309 Symon de Ralegh
1319 William Gosyn
1329 John de Pyltone Edward III
1343 John Deneys Nicholas Martyn Lord of Warkleigh
1350 Richard Lova
1381 Stephen de Eyr
1384 Sir James Boxforde Sir James de Audley
1385 Sir John Neweton
1401 Thomas Veysy Henry IV
1402 Sir John Pitte
1443 Sir William Hylle William Bourgchiere Lord of Toustoke
1470 Sir John Tonge Fulk Bourgchier Lord Fitzwarren
1473 Sir Richard Nicholl Fulk Bowcere Lord Fitzwarren
Walter Denworde
1504 Gilbert de Geraldine (or Fitzgerald) Sir John Bourchier Lord Fitzwarin
1510 Sir Christopher Barlow John Boughchier knt, Lord Fitzwarin
1514 Robert Hutton John Bouwchier knt, Lord de Fitzwarn
1536 William Hodge John Burcher knt, Lord Fitzwaryn
1558 Sir Robert Fenner (or Venner)
also Rector of Satterleigh
Thomas Gawen Esq, and Elizabeth his wife by grant of John, earl of Bath
1576 Hugh Tooker John Loveringe for this turn
1576 Hugh Tucker Queen Elizabeth by lapse. (William earl of Bath the patron)
1613 Edward Selly Margerie Lake
1669 Jonathan Pickard William Lynn and Richard Forard
1687 Robert Booth John Radford and James Grove
1693 James Henwood William and Mary by lapse
1721 Peter Beavis L.I.B. Thomas Jeffrey
1750 Richard Bawden Peter, Ann, Elizabeth Beavis
1752 Peter Beavis Ann and Elizabeth Beavis
1795 Richard Bawden John Bawden
1841 William Thorold James Gould
1843 Satterleigh united by order in Council with Warkleigh
1888 Matthew Thomas Loveband George G. Thorold
Hubert G. Thorold
1891 John Leofric de Buckenhold Thorold
1907 Joseph Hugill Thompson John Leofric de Buckenhold Thorold
1923 William Vincent Jephson George G Thorold
1926 Arthur Hackblook
1933 Arthur Frederick Bradley Rev. John Leofric de Buckenhold Thorold
1951 George William Clewely The Bishop
1960 Lewis Edward Barker The Bishop
1963 Arthur Howard Jones The Bishop
1969 George Ronald Dampier Bennett The Bishop

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