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Wiltshire Collections Entry for Avebury, Wiltshire

These images (below) are from the book  Wiltshire Collections  by John Aubrey and John Jackson which was published by the Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society in 1862.  The book is no longer covered by copyright regulations and the Society is happy for information from the book to be copied, although ask that an acknowledgement to them is placed with the reproduction.

The copyright of these images (but not the information contained in them) is owned by Mandy Ball so they are covered by copyright regulations - see our  copyright conditions  of use.

The original page size is approx. 21cm by 27.5cm (8.5in by 10.8in), the printed area approx. 15cm (6in) wide.
Individual crests (Plates) are less than 3 cm wide, so the quality may appear distorted depending on the size of the screen you are viewing them on.
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Avebury - photo: 0031
Page 314
Photo No: 0031     Size: 126k
Avebury - photo: 0032
Page 315
Photo No: 0032     Size: 168k
Avebury - photo: 0033
Page 316
Photo No: 0033     Size: 160k
Avebury - photo: 0034
Page 317
Photo No: 0034     Size: 164k
Avebury - photo: 0035
Page 318
Photo No: 0035     Size: 173k
Avebury - photo: 0036
Page 319
Photo No: 0036     Size: 163k
Avebury - photo: 0037
Plate I
Photo No: 0037     Size: 317k
Avebury - photo: 0038
Page 320
Photo No: 0038     Size: 150k
Avebury - photo: 0039
Page 321
Photo No: 0039     Size: 168k
Avebury - photo: 0040
Plate I
Photo No: 0040     Size: 178k
Avebury - photo: 0041
Page 322
Photo No: 0041     Size: 166k
Avebury - photo: 0042
Page 323
Photo No: 0042     Size: 185k
Avebury - photo: 0043
Page 324
Photo No: 0043     Size: 202k
Avebury - photo: 0044
Page 325
Photo No: 0044     Size: 200k
Avebury - photo: 0045
Page 326
Photo No: 0045     Size: 202k
Avebury - photo: 0046
Page 327
Photo No: 0046     Size: 201k
Avebury - photo: 0047
Page 328
Photo No: 0047     Size: 195k
Avebury - photo: 0048
Page 329
Photo No: 0048     Size: 170k
Avebury - photo: 0049
Page 330
Photo No: 0049     Size: 209k
Avebury - photo: 0050
Page 331
Photo No: 0050     Size: 181k

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