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 St. Mary's 
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The Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire

Vicars of Bishops Cannings

with the dates of their
respective institutions

1290 Johannes Vicarius de Canynges 1543 Richard Acars
1313 Simon Ingham 1543 John Gough
1316 Wmus de Cherleton 1593 George Ferrebe
1332 Johannes de Keston 1623 Thomas Ferrebe
1334 Nicholas Thursdayn 1650 Thomas Etwell
1339 Hugonis de Lambele 1683 Nathanial Godwyn
1389 Wmus de Gilbert 1704 Avery Thompson
1390 William Chittern 1720 Jonathan Waterman
1402 Johannes Kentiff 1760 Arthur Dodwell
1410 Philipus Goffe 1815 William Macdonald
1419 Johannes Dygon 1862 William Ewart
1421 Johannes Marreys 1873 Charles W. Hony
1425 William Hankyn 1907 H. Herbert Mogg
1428 Nicholas Younge 1928 Sidney Leslie Roy Sharp
1458 John Boley 1960 William Walter Smith
1472 John V. Lecke 1966 Alec John Smith
1489 Richardus Baldey 1969 Norman W. Taylor
1491 Christopher Chartres 1980 B. John Smith
1502 Edmunde Crome 1983 F. Michael Henly
1504 Thomas Sloper 1993 Alan Paul Jeans
1535 Gulielmus Cake 1998 Sallyanne Attwater

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