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 St. John 
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The Church of St. John the Baptist, Bishopstone, Wiltshire

Rectors of Bishopstone

Radulphus de Bodland 1302 William Barford 1747
Ricardus de Thornton 1335     Prebendary of Salisbury
Johannes de Wykeham 1379 William Neville 1780
    Whose Brass is in the Chancel Thomas Bromley 1810
Johannes Foxholes 1416 George Augustus Montgomery 1821
Walterus Medford 1419     Prebendary of Salisbury
Nicholas Biddleston 1423 Francis Lear 1843
William Whitling 1441     First Archdeacon of Sarum, then Dean of
Thomas Hall 1453     Salisbury
Ricardus Vyse 1458 Francis Lear 1850
Johannes Pierson 1486     Archdeacon of Sarum & Canon Residentiary
Robertus Langton 148(?) Francis Raikes 1914
Johannes Claymont 15(?)     Prebendary of Sarum
Robertus Morwent 1531 William Williams 1931
Johannes Herbert 15(?) Granville William Borlase 1936
Abraham Conham 1584 Cecil Gault 1948
    Who was also Vicar, as were all his Philip Humphrey Hall 1951
    Successors     Rural Dean of Chalke, honorary Chaplain to
William Helme 1613     Bishop of Salisbury, Canon and Prebendary
John Earle 1639     of Bishopstone, Salisbury Cathedral.
    Afterwards Bishop of Salisbury Kenneth Christopher Hill 1966
Anthony Hawles 1662 Lewis Peter Richard 1972
    Archdeacon of Sarum     (Priest in charge)
Thomas Hill 1663 Percy Frank Chapman 1980
    Cannon of Salisbury     Canon and Prebendary of Bishopstone
Randolph Galdecott 1671     Salisbury Cathedral
John Younger 1688 Peter Byron-Davies 1988-
Richard Roots 1728 1996

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