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Brokenborough, Wiltshire, England

Brokenborough is one of those small villages hidden in the beautiful countryside that surrounds Malmesbury.  It has an air of contentedness - attractive houses with pretty gardens in peaceful surroundings.

The church of St. John the Baptist is found on the main through-road.  Our photographs of the church can be seen at:  Brokenborough St. John.

For many years Mandy's Gladwin family lived in a house in Brokenborough - between them being blacksmiths, teacher, sunday school teacher, coal merchants, bakers and postmistress.  As well as school teacher, Alice was the postmistress, so when there was a customer she had to leave the children for a few minutes.  One gentleman we have spoken to a number of times recalled when he was a young boy going to Alice's funeral.  Alice had been his teacher and the children were told to wear their best clothes to school, and went to the church for the service.  He told us everyone loved Alice and remembered her with fond memories.

Around Brokenborough
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Brokenborough - photo: 00002
The Horse Guards pub
[Currently For Sale in 2021]
Photo No: 00002     Size: 1084k
Photo Date: July 2018
Brokenborough - photo: 00003
Photo No: 00003     Size: 908k
Photo Date: July 2018
Brokenborough - photo: 00005
The Horse Guards sign
Photo No: 00005     Size: 576k
Photo Date: July 2018
Brokenborough - photo: 00004
Formerly called The Rose & Crown
Photo:  Don Lea
Photo No: 00004     Size: 150k
Photo Date: 1991
Brokenborough - photo: 00001
The parish church of St. John
the Baptist
More photographs
Photo No: 00001     Size: 372k
Photo Date: 2002
Brokenborough - photo: 00006
Former Gladwin family home where their children were born which was also the blacksmiths, school and post office.
Photo: Don Lea
Photo No: 00006     Size: 244k
Photo Date: 1990
Brokenborough - photo: 00007
Photo:  Don Lea
Photo No: 00007     Size: 346k
Photo Date: 1990
Brokenborough - photo: 00008
Entrance to the old smithy
Photo:  Don Lea
Photo No: 00008     Size: 270k
Photo Date: 1990
Brokenborough - photo: 00009
Mandy's great great great grandfather John Gladwin
with his grandson Harold
Frederick John Gladwin
Info about Mandy's Gladwin Family
Photo No: 00009     Size: 302k
Photo Date: September 1886
Brokenborough - photo: 00010
Photo No: 00010     Size: 865k
Photo Date: June 2018
Brokenborough - photo: 00012
The cottage where Mandy's great great grandfather John Lea was born in 1843
Photo No: 00012     Size: 849k
Photo Date: 2008
Brokenborough - photo: 00011
View from Brokenborough towards Malmesbury, a mile away
Photo No: 00011     Size: 247k
Photo Date: September 2008

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