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Around Chiseldon, Wiltshire, England

We only have these few photographs of Around Chiseldon for now - we really must go back!  There are some beautiful old buildings here, mixed with new houses all surrounded by beautiful Wiltshire countryside.

The last two photographs came from our family photo album and are of a shop that used to be located in New Road.  The two owners were Lillian (nee Tydeman) and John Thomas Barrett - known as Jack.  We gather the shop sold pretty much everything!  In photo number 00004 we see uncle Jack in the grocery area - all sorts of tins, cakes and sweets.  The second photograph shows auntie Lillian serving a customer and on the shelving can be seen balls of wool, cards, handbags, shoes, books and jumpers.  What glorious photographs!

According to the Wiltshire Collections entry, the name has had various spellings - Chisledon, Chiselden and Ceosel-den.  Ceosel is Anglo-Saxon for gravel or sand, and dene means vale or plain.

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Chiseldon - photo: 00001
Photo No: 00001     Size: 173k
Photo Date: February 2004
Chiseldon - photo: 00002
Photo No: 00002     Size: 753k
Photo Date: February 2004
Chiseldon - photo: 00003
The Elm Tree
Photo No: 00003     Size: 572k
Photo Date: February 2004
Chiseldon - photo: 00004
Jack in their shop
Photo No: 00004     Size: 480k
Photo Date: 1959
Chiseldon - photo: 00005
Lillian serving a customer
Photo No: 00005     Size: 384k
Photo Date: 1959

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