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 St. Mary 
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The Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Dinton, Wiltshire, England

We arrived just a few minutes before the church was locked so only had a very short time to take photographs.  Our thanks to the Church Warden for staying those extra minutes to allow these to be taken.

In our rush, some photographs are blurred.  We have re-visited Dinton and took over 400 photographs and they will be added to these pages when time permits.

The church of St. Mary is a Grade I listed building - more information about the listing can be found at the  Historic England  website.

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Dinton - photo: 014
St. Mary, Dinton
Photo No: 014     Size: 538k
Photo Date: June 2002
Dinton - photo: 002
Photo No: 002     Size: 669k
Photo Date: June 2002
Dinton - photo: 006
War Memorial
Photo No: 006     Size: 665k
Photo Date: June 2002

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