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 St. Mary the Virgin 
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Rectors of The Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Grittleton, Wiltshire

A.D. Rectors A.D. Rectors
1296 Nicholas de Turri 1553 George Bancroft     (first Reformed Rector)
1324 John Depynge 1555 William Hill     (restored by Queen Mary)
1396 John Grey 1560 George Bancroft     (restored by Queen Elizabeth)
1398 Thomas Speke 1573 Simon Wisdom
Thomas Lentwardine 1597 William Earth
1402 John Scoy de Louthrop 1619 Elias Woodroofe
1403 Thomas Speke 1642 Richard Jaques
1413 John Waryn 1652 John Trotman
John Halsanger 1655 Thomas Pritchard
1419 William or Walter Rothe... 1657 Thomas Tully
1425 John Henyle alias King 1675 Richard Hine
1428 John Skyllinton 1691 Thomas Barker
1433 Nicholas Rychon 1749 Thomas Barker     junior
1441 James Joop 1763 Thomas Pollok
1447 Paschasius Noel 1801 W. W. Burne
1467 William Gyll 1856 T. R. Lancaster
1491 Henry Skidmor 1864 H. K. Boldero
1511 John Kent 1900 G. N. Wyld
1522 John Colmer 1912 E. A. Gowering
1541 William Hill 1924 Grittleton united with Leigh Delamere

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