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The Church of St. Katharine, Savernake, Wiltshire

The inscription on this gravestone is too eroded to read but we were able to make out the date of birth (1792) and death (1877) so we looked in the burials list (which is available to view inside the church) for entries for 1877.  There are five entries for 1877 and only one for the age of 85 years at death.  So we think this is the grave of Rachel Shaw but we are not positive.  We also noted the gravestone next to this one is for John SHAW and is of similar design.

The list also gave a few other details.  It states Rachel was living at Durley at the time of her death, aged 85 years, and was buried on 7th February 1877, the ceremony being performed by Edward Slater Browne.
Gravestone may be for Rachel SHAW
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Savernake - photo: 00705
The grave is just left of the tree trunk in this photo
Photo No: 00705     Size: 395k
Photo Date: August 2018
Savernake - photo: 00706
Photo No: 00706     Size: 1390k
Photo Date: August 2018
Savernake - photo: 00707
Photo No: 00707     Size: 1770k
Photo Date: August 2018
Savernake - photo: 00708
Photo No: 00708     Size: 1088k
Photo Date: August 2018

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