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 St. Katharine's 
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War Memorial at The Church of St. Katharine, Savernake, Wiltshire

To The Glory of God And In Memory Of The Above Men of This Parish Who Gave Their Lives In The Great War
Declaration of War Aug 4 1914
Armistice November 11 1918
Peace Signed June 28 1919

William Robert Gosling M.M. ~ 2nd Wiltshire Regiment
Arthur William Hillier ~ 3rd Berkshire Regiment
William Knight ~ 5th Wiltshire Regiment
Thomas Martin ~ Royal Canadian Artillery
William Palmer ~ 2nd Wiltshire Regiment
Allan Frederick Shepherd ~ Royal Army Medical Corps
Renford Earle Oswald Stroud ~ 8th Welch Regiment
Henry Frank Whitbread ~ 5th Wiltshire Regiment

1939 ~ 1945
William Cope ~ Royal Navy
Desmond Crosbie Trench ~ Royal Air Force


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