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 St. Peter's 
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List of Clergy at The Church of St. Peter, Stratton, Gloucestershire

Clergy of St. Peter

Taken from two lists at the church.

Temp, Henry III John Vicar of Stratton
Robert of Cestaneslade
1298 John of Cestaneslade
1304 John called Ronhened (vicar)
John Ely
1387 William Mody
1434 John Fynch
1498 John Read Chaplain of Stratton
1532 Roger Grene
1585 Thomas Richardson
1597 Richard Forshawe
1599 David Powell
1625 John Arden
1654 William Harvey
1674 Thomas Mole
1685 Ralph Willett
1717 Ralph junr
1764 John Sandford
1774 James Daubeny
1783 James Daubeny junr
1817 Thomas Boys
1823 Charles Dewell
1826 Charles Wightwick
1827 Edward Willes
1833 William Pye
1844 George Francis Master
1875 Thoams Hannyngton Irving Child
1888 Edward Henry Ball
1938 Osmond Molesworth Brooke Clarke
1943 Kenneth William Haworth
1946 Richard Elphick
1962 Thomas Peter Hearn
1975 John Harold Mead
1983 Peter Raymond Wright
1987 Howard Cocks

In the Benefice of Stratton, North Cerney, Baunton and Bagendon

1995 Howard Cocks
1999 Peter Quinnell

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