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 St. John 
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War Memorials at The Church of St. John the Evangelist, Sutton Veny, Wiltshire

Sutton Veny
~ Roll of Honour ~

Names of men from this Parish
Who Served their King and Country
In the Great War 1914~1919

Charles H. Adcock       Royal Field Artillery
Philip S. Alexander       8th Hussar's
Charles A. Andrews       Royal Field Artillery
James H. Ball       Dorset Yeomanry
Edward Barter       3rd Res. Monmt.
George F. Barter       Army Reserves
+   Harry Barter       Royal Marine Light Infantry
Jack C. Barter       5th Wiltshire
A. Thomas Barter       8th Wiltshire
Howard J. Beach       4th Wiltshire
Alfred Burden       Somerset Light Infantry
Sidney P. Butt       Royal Army Service Corps M.T.
Frederick Cane       Wiltshire Yeomanry
Robert L. Coyzell       5th Essex
+   James M. Colvin       West Yorkshire Regiment
+   George N. Cooper       North Somerset Yeomanry
+   Harold C. Cooper       9th E. Surrey I.
Osmond H. Coward       1st Wiltshire
George H. Crouch       R.A. Res. C.
+   Walter Crouch       2nd Wiltshire
Thomas K. Cundick       Somerset Light Infantry
Walter Daniells       4th Wiltshire
+   F. Stanley Doughty       K. Edwards L.H.
Leonard Dunford       7th Wiltshire
+   Sidney C. Everett       3rd Wiltshire
Cyril Farley       2nd Wiltshire
Edward W. Farley       3rd Wiltshire
James Farley       Labour Unit
Arthur Fielding       Labour Unit
Harold Fielding       Kings Royal Rifle Corps
William Ford       Royal Field Artillery
Albion E. Guppy       Royal Army Service Corps
G. Allen Haines       Dorsset & Somerset Light Infantry
+   Reginald A. Haines       Royal Garrison Artillery
Victor A. Haines       Royal Field Artillery
Ernest J. Hamblin       Royal Army Service Corps
Joseph Hartley       Labour Unit
F. Robert Haskell       Royal Navy
Charles Hebdidge       Royal Army Service Corps
William H. Hebdidge       Royal Army Service Corps
+   Ernest J. Hibberd       5th Wiltshire
Fredrick Hibberd       19th Hussars
William Hibberd       5th Wiltshire
+   Hector T. S. Hicks       Royal Army Service Corps
Fevey E. Hicks       Royal Army Service Corps
Thomas S. Hicks       6th Wiltsshire
Albert E. Hinton       Wiltshire Yeomanry
Fredrick J. Hinton       Royal Navy
Nelson H. Hinton       R.A.S.E. M.T.
+   Sidney A. Hinton       Royal Marine Light Infantry
+   Herbert H. Hooker       Royal Navy
Mark Lapham       Kings Liverpool Regiment
Fredrick Lawes       Royal Army Service Corps
A. Fredrick Le Bas       Royal Marine Light Infantry
John W. Lilley       4th Wiltshire
Oliver J. Lines       Royal Army Service Corps
Geoffrey Lubbock       11th Somerset Yeomanry
Joseph G. Martin       8th Hussars
Joseph W. Martin       Royal Air Force
George D. Millard       Royal Air Force
Reginald W. Mould       Indian Cavalry
Edgar A. Parker       Royal Army Service Corps
George A. Parker       Royal Army Service Corps M.T.
Percy J. Parker       Grenarier Guards
John Peck       Royal Army Service Corps
Robert Peck       Labour Unit
Edward Penny       Royal Navy
Joseph L. Penny       Royal Navy
Fred B. Pickford       Army Veterinary Corps
Giles R. P. Pinney       Royal Navy
+   Arthur C. Pond       Australian Imperial Force
Walter C. Poore       Army Veterinary Corps
Edward H. Pridham       Grenarier Guards
Reginald W. Pridham       5th Wiltshire
John W. Richardson       Wiltshire Yeomanry
Edward Seane       4th Wiltshire
Robert B. S. Sewell       Indian Medical Corps
Arthur G. Snelgrove       Royal Army Service Corps
+   Frank Snelgrove       Royal Army Service Corps
George Stratton       2nd King Edwards Horse
Harold Thorne       Wiltshire Yeomanry
Lionel F. Tudgay       Training Reserves
Reginald A. Tudgay       Royal Field Artillery
Cyril E. Waddington       Royal Navy Reserves
+   Thomas Webb       Wiltshire Yeomanry
Charles Weston       Wiltshire Yeomanry
Edward Wheeler       Royal Field Artillery
John Wigmore       Royal Garrison Artillery
Fredrick Woods       Wiltshire Yeomanry
Walter H. Wootton       Royal Field Artillery

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