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 St. Andrew's 
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Rectors of The Church of St. Andrew, Blunsdon St. Andrew, Wiltshire

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The information below is taken from the photograph in the porch.

Rectors of Blunsdon St. Andrew, Wiltshire

1299 Johannes de Berton
1332 Johannes Deyot de Harewell, called “Curator.” (See entry in 1337.)
1334 Johannes de Pedewelle       do.
1337 Johannes dictus Lanceleneye de Ashbury, vice Johannes de Berton Rectoris usu carentis racionis (ie, who had lost his reason.)
1339 Johannes de Grundewelle, Curator pro Johanne Rectore usu racionis carente (for John the Rector who had lost his reason.)
1346 Johannes Atte Stiele de Ameneye, ob impotentiam Rectoris (on account of the impotence of the Rector.)
1348 Willelmus Bide, by the resignation of Johannes Berton
1351 Willelmus Hond, on resignation of Willelmus Bide
1361 Walterus Wynnyng
1398 Johannes Hurne, on death of Walter Wynnyng
1417 Thomas Joye
1438 Johannes Lovecock, on resignation of Thomas Joye
1440 Ricardus Sotty, on resignation of Johannes Lovecock
1445 Thomas Barret, vice Richardus Sucey or Sotty
1457 Johannes Thomas, on resignation of Thomas Barret
1459 Walterus Say, exchanged with Johannes Thomas
1473 Johannes Hoy, on resignation of Walterus Say
1487 Johannes Lokkesley, on death of Johannes Hoy
1487 Thomas Morley, on death of Johannes Lokkesley
1489 Johannes Aberdon
1506 Laurencius Hawkesworth, on death of John Edwards (very likely the same as Johannes Aberdon)
1527 Johannes Hall, on death of Laurence Hawkesworth
1542 Robertus Gybbes, on death of Johannes Hall
1546 Johannes Phellepps, on death of Robertus Gybbes
1555 Johannes Paerry, on resignation of Johannes Phellepps
1602 Ricardus Brafield, on death …
one or more omitted
1677 Thomas Huxley, on death of Henry Greene
1684 Josiah Pullen, on resignation of Thomas Huxley
1714 Petrus Cogauld, on death of Josiah Pullen
1726 Joshua Harrison, on death of Peter Coy de Santé (perhaps the same as Petrus Cogauld)
1738 Joseph Bell on resignation of Joshua Harrison
1760 Henry Gabell, on resignation of Joseph Bell
1763 Henry Gabell, on his own resignation (he had probably got other preferment elsewhere and then obtained licence to hold the two benefices
1766 Ferdinando Tracey Travell, on death of Henry Gabell
1809 George Wyld, on death of Ferdinando Tracey Travell
1814 James Wyld,
1834 William Thomas Wyld
1873 Robert Gleadowe Hurle, on death of William Thomas Wyld
1874 John Henry Calley, on the resignation of Robert Gleadowe Hurle
1887 Henry William Banfather, on resignation of John Henry Calley
1900 James Thomas Chipperfield Chatto, on death of Henry William Banfather
1907 Herbert Edward Robeson, on death of James Thomas Chipperfield Chatto
1942 Linley Arthur Knight, on resignation of Herbert Edward Robeson
1959 Cyril Gordon Jones, on resignation of Linley Arthur Knight
1988 John Lawrence Ware on death of Cyril Gordon Jones.  Retired 2000
2002 Ruth Frances Isobel Cram, on retirement of John Ware

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