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 St. Michael 
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Incumbents of The Church of St. Michael, Brimpsfield, Gloucestershire

Incumbents of St. Michael's

Date Rector
1317 John de Cymteus
John of Prestbury
1343 William of Hildesley
1349 John Lovenhull
1375 Stephen Welwykes
1382 Robert Cronham
1412 Walter Robert
1427 John Reynold
1444 William Lynryk
1459 John Whyte
1465 John Feyreanter
1490 William Feyrauntrer
1498 William Pedder
1540 Thomas Lane
1585 John Turner
1591 James Smarte
1616 John Martin
1636 William Woolley
1654 John Hooper
1655 Henry Hooke
1670 Humphrey Randell
1672 William Henry Hooke
1710 Hambury Sandys
1726 Th. Chamberlayne Cox
1745 John White
1777 James Parsons
1785 William Metcalfe
1798 James Pitt
1806 James Phelps
1829 William Moore
1879 Richard Henry Denne
1915 Percy C. Wyndham Earee
1937 Edwin E. de Lacy Mann
1949 William Henry Bubb
1951 Hugh Douglas Atkinson
1956 to 1971 Frank Eric Cottrell

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