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Methodist Church at Calne, Wiltshire, England

Although we do not have any photographs of the Parish Church at Calne, we hope to visit the town to take some.  We have included the text from John Aubrey's Wiltshire Collections about the town and church even though it does not relate to the Methodist Church.

We visited Calne after discovering from the 1871 census that Duncan's g.g.grandparents George Wilcox and Jane (nee Wiltshire) Ball lived there, George being a grocer and local Methodist preacher.  The Methodist chapel of that time was pulled down a long time ago, although we were able to find the site of the chapel (which now has two houses on it), thanks to a local man who asked if he could help us because we looked 'lost'!  He remembered the chapel being pulled down because the demolishers found a body in a vault in the foundations.  The body was taken to the local parish church yard to be interred.  The chapel was used for a number of businesses before being demolished.

The current Methodist church is only a few hundred metres from the old chapel, but is no doubt much bigger than the original building.

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Calne - photo: 0001
Photo No: 0001     Size: 669k
Photo Date: 1998
Calne - photo: 0002
Photo No: 0002     Size: 538k
Photo Date: 1998
Calne - photo: 0003
Photo No: 0003     Size: 548k
Photo Date: 1998

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