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Faringdon, Oxfordshire, England

The market town of Faringdon is in the south of Oxfordshire, nearing the Wiltshire border.  It is a place we have driven through lots of times and always say we should come back to visit it because it looks like a place worth investigating.  We did manage a whistle-top tour once, back in 2005.  We look forward to returning.

You may be interested to see more details about Faringdon at:  www.faringdon.org/

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Faringdon - photo: 0001
Photo No: 0001     Size: 1117k
Faringdon - photo: 0002
The Bell Hotel
Photo No: 0002     Size: 965k
Faringdon - photo: 0003
Photo No: 0003     Size: 959k
Faringdon - photo: 0004
17th Century building has had numerous uses.
See photograph 0006 for details
Photo No: 0004     Size: 1073k
Faringdon - photo: 0005
Photo No: 0005     Size: 945k
Faringdon - photo: 0006
Notice showing uses of building
Photo No: 0006     Size: 850k
Faringdon - photo: 0007
Photo No: 0007     Size: 1171k
Faringdon - photo: 0008
The Old Crown Coaching Inn
Photo No: 0008     Size: 1012k
Faringdon - photo: 0009
Photo No: 0009     Size: 883k
Faringdon - photo: 0010
Photo No: 0010     Size: 1132k
Faringdon - photo: 0011
Photo No: 0011     Size: 1054k
Faringdon - photo: 0012
Leading to All Saints Church
Photo No: 0012     Size: 1064k
Faringdon - photo: 0013
Photo No: 0013     Size: 979k
Faringdon - photo: 0014
Also see photograph 0015
Photo No: 0014     Size: 927k
Faringdon - photo: 0015
Detail of photograph 0014
Photo No: 0015     Size: 983k
Faringdon - photo: 0016
Photo No: 0016     Size: 1123k
Faringdon - photo: 0017
Photo No: 0017     Size: 1190k

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