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 St. Mary 
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The Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Hullavington, Wiltshire

List of Men
connected with the
who served in the
1914 ~ 1918.

Walter Ayres Charlie Greenman William John Neale
Carl Bartlett E. W. Greenman Stephen E. Neate
Charlie Bartlett F. A. Greenman   R.I.P. F. E. Newman
Christopher Bartlett H. W. Greenman Arthur Payne
Reggie Bartlett Harold Greenman W. D. Porter
Victor Bartlett Hubert J. Greenman W. F. Reeves   R.I.P.
Stanley Bristow Jack Greenman Walter Saunders
Charlie Broom James Greenman A. B. Scriven
Charlie Butler Walter Greenman Charles W. Scriven   R.I.P.
Victor Butler   R.I.P. Harry Gum William A. Scriven
William Chappell James Hazell Harry Stoneham   R.I.P.
Heber Collis Arthur Hulance Joseph Stretch
Christopher Cowley Fred Hulance William R. Stretch
Percy Crewe Joseph Hulance   R.I.P. F. J. Sydenham
Sydney Crewe   R.I.P. Trimmer Hulance Charlie Tanner
James Day Victor Hulance Ernest Taylor
Albert Fry   R.I.P. Jim Hulbert Ernest Taylor
Alec Fry William J. Hulbert Worthy Taylor
Arthur Fry Albert Kane Albert W. Warren
Fred Fry Tom Kane A. R. Wicks   R.I.P.
Jack Fry George Knapp Aaron Wicks
Walter Fry Albert E. Mann Albert James Wicks
Charles R. Gough Douglas Mann Edw. A. Wicks   R.I.P.
Ernest Gough W. G. Mann   R.I.P. G. G. Wicks
Harold Gough William H. Mann Gabriel Wicks   R.I.P.
Ino. T. Gough   R.I.P. Arthur Miles James Wicks
James H. Gough Ben Miles   R.I.P. Jim Wicks
Reginald Gough Fred Miles John Wicks
Richard Gough Harold Miles L. C. Witts   R.I.P.
Albert Greenman   R.I.P. Walter Neale

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