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 St. Giles 
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The Church of St. Giles, Lea, Wiltshire, England

St. Giles church is found in the attractive village of Lea, in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside near Malmesbury.

We are very grateful to one of the church members who allowed us inside to take a few photographs.  We met at another church and he told us of the changes that have taken place to the inside of St. Giles and invited us to follow him to Lea and then showed us around.  The changes made to the inside are quite dramatic - they have removed the pews and organ, added new heating, built a structure at the west end, and have carpeted the floor and put up blinds at the windows.  This may sound an awful thing to do to such an old building, but in this instance the changes have been made sympathetically to the building - the quality of materials is fitting and it really has worked well.  The old and the new blend to make this a warm and inviting building and more suitable to today's needs.  A brave decision which has brought new life into this church building.

The church of St. Giles is a Grade II listed building - more information about the listing can be found at the  Historic England  website.

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Lea - photo: 0026
Photo No: 0026     Size: 1641k
Photo Date: September 2012
Lea - photo: 0002
Photo No: 0002     Size: 482k
Photo Date: April 2000
Lea - photo: 0001
Photo No: 0001     Size: 532k
Photo Date: April 2000
Lea - photo: D0006
Photo No: D0006     Size: 68k
Photo Date: August 2002
Lea - photo: 0003
Stone carving inside the south porch
Photo No: 0003     Size: 140k
Photo Date: April 2000
Lea - photo: D0007
In memory of Julia Gilfoy
Photo No: D0007     Size: 126k
Photo Date: August 2002
Lea - photo: D0008
In memory of Reg Hitchings
Photo No: D0008     Size: 115k
Photo Date: August 2002
Lea - photo: 0004
The street St. Giles is on
Photo No: 0004     Size: 189k
Photo Date: August 2002
Lea - photo: 0005
Surrounding countryside
Photo No: 0005     Size: 127k
Photo Date: August 2002

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