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 St. Peter 
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Incumbents of The Church of St. Peter, Manningford Bruce, Wiltshire

The photograph of the list of Incumbents is unfortunately too blurred to read properly.   A couple of the names listed below may be incorrect - please let us know if you spot an error.   Thank you

Incumbents Of Manningford Bruce

Date Name Date Name
Robert de Marshfield 1839 Joe Beckett
1314 Richard Bussell 1845 Alexander Grant
1332 Nicholas Beu-yt 1880 James Bliss
1335 John de Glee 1892 Edward Tanqueray
1353 Walter de Manyngford 1919 Reginald Coles
1361 Walter Belese 1932 Percy Mallett
1393 John Vigge 1940 Thomas Graham
1424 John Ripon 1943 Wesley Hunniford
1429 John Forster 1946 Eustace Cook
1438 Robert Fromassone 1950 George Blackman
John Goderich 1953 Tom Jameson
1465 John Frecker 1964 Arthur Phillips
Thomas Boyer 1966 Charles Smith
1488 Thomas Wythley 1975 Jeremy Hummerscone
1508 Gilbert Coker 1988 John Whe--em
1531 Richard Harding
1540 John Burgess
Robert Harry
1570 Nicholas Smythe
1662 Christopher Hindley
1679 John White
1713 Robert Nicholas
1722 John Wells
1763 George Wells
1815 John Wells

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