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 St. Mary 
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War Memorial at The Church of St. Mary, Shrewton, Wiltshire

Glorious Dead

A:D 1914 ~ 1918
1939 ~ 1945

Ernest G. Barter David Lovelock
Horace J. Brown W. George Lovelock
John L. R. Bull William Mabbett
Cyril J. S. Bundy Francis Paul
Albert V. Chant W. Cecil Paul
Benjamim Chubb Leonard Porter
John Coleman Stuart Robins
E. George Cooper William Sainsbury
Charles Dewey Frank Smith
Nurse D. V. Dimmer Robert Smith
Reginald G. Gilbert Francis H. Stokes
Donovan W. Gough Reginald W. E. Tavener
W. Frank Grant George Thelwell
A. Joseph Guyatt William C. Turner
Raymond V. Hayter Reginald J. Williams
Percy Key William W. Witt

Peace Be Upon Them
And Mercy

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