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Wroughton, Wiltshire

The village of Wroughton is just to the south of Swindon, the M4 motorway just about keeping the ever-growing Swindon at bay.  The village has changed enormously and has had many new houses built, but stills remains, essentially, a village.  According to John Jackson, previously it has been known as Worston or Werston, and in the Sarum Registers as Elingdon Wroughton; but the most ancient name appears to be Ellan-dun - 'Hill of Ella'.

In the 1660s John Aubrey wrote:  "The land of this parish is admirable pasture, and the tract hereabout is the garden of Wilts."  Quite ironic as the piece of land that separates Wroughton from Swindon was known locally as the 'Front Garden' and was the cause for dispute for years as developers wanted to build housing on it, destroying the beautiful landscape forever.  Of course the developers won (profit always does) and the land has been turned into yet another housing estate.

Around the village
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Wroughton - photo: 0001
Methodist Church
High Street
Photo No: 0001     Size: 413k
Photo Date: March 2000
Wroughton - photo: 0002
Looking down the hill from the parish church to village
Photo No: 0002     Size: 335k
Photo Date: September 2004
Wroughton - photo: 0003
The Fox & Hounds
Photo No: 0003     Size: 455k
Photo Date: September 2004
Wroughton - photo: 0011
War Memorial
More photographs
Photo No: 0011     Size: 607k
Photo Date: August 2005
Wroughton - photo: 0012
Parish Church
More photographs
Photo No: 0012     Size: 714k
Photo Date: August 2005
Wroughton - photo: 0013
Legge House
Photo No: 0013     Size: 1797k
Photo Date: September 2011
Wroughton - photo: 0014
Photo No: 0014     Size: 1665k
Photo Date: September 2011

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