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 St. Margaret's 
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Rectors of The Church of St. Margaret of Antioch, Yatton Keynell, Wiltshire

The Church of Saint Margaret of Antioch

Date Rectors Patron
1265 Adam Hoke Robert Keynal
1318 William de Budon William Abbot of Stanley Abbey
1318 Nicholas Prowet Sir William Keynal
1337 Richardus de Strete Christina de Celer
Edmund de Celer
Stephen de Celer
Nicholai Pal Abbot of Stanley Abbey
1376 Thomas Scot Abbot of Stanley Abbey
1407 John Morys Abbot of Stanley Abbey
1420 John Chaundeler Abbot of Stanley Abbey
1430 Robertus Goshauk Thomas, Abbot of Stanley Abbey
1439 John Wyght Thomas, Abbot of Stanley Abbey
1460 John Austell Richard and William Keynal
1468 Thomas Keynal Richard and William Keynal
1480 John Gamage John Kaynell
John Mersh
1507 Thomas Michell John West and Thomas Goor
1521 Thomas Pontynge Thomas Kyrton and Thomas Goor
George Bancrofte Thomas Champneys
1560 David Griffeth Nicholas Snell and Thomas Gore
?1620 "Mr Hard, the Curate, who had the Priest's School"
1657 William Stump Grandson of the wealthy clothier who bought the Abbey of Malmesbury
1661 George Child M.A. William Duckett
1706 William Child John Child and William Jacob
1745 Benjamin Pidding Benjamin Pidding
1765 James Pidding James Pidding
1809 Thomas Hooper M.A. Thomas Hooper
1834 Thomas Hooper (junr.), M.A. Oxon Thomas Hooper
1851 Rawden William Hautenville ? Rev Domville
1856 Henry Kearney Boldero Sir John Neeld Bart.
1864 Frederick Radcliffe Sidebottom
1878 Henry Frazer James Cope-Arnold
1884 Charles Edward Cummings
1885 Alan Henry Lines Bolton M.A. Trustees
1927 Hellier Randall Mayo M.A. Oxon Bishop of Bristol
1952 Michael William Dittmer M.A. Oxon Bishop of Bristol
1988 Hugh Richmond Lowry Bonsey Bishop of Bristol         Priest in charge
1990 Julian Nicholas Anstey Bradbury M.A. Bishop of Bristol         Priest in charge
1997 Rachel Veronica Claire Lewis M.A. Bishop of Bristol

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