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Cowage Farm & Bremilham Mill, Bremilham, Wiltshire

The three 'old' photographs below are from Dennis Lea (1907-1999) - Mandy's first cousin twice removed.  Dennis grew up in the cottage (Bremilham Mill).  Don Lea (Mandy's father) was a great friend of Dennis and he shared stories of his life at the cottage with Don on their many meetings.

Don tells us the Mill was locked up in 1953 when it became unfit to be lived in.  The house needed to be boarded up to prevent stray animals from entering it after a cow managed to get into the house and climb the narrow staircase.  The animal had to be lowered by slings through a hole cut in the bedroom floor in order to get it back out of the house!

Previous tenants of the Mill:   Ernest and Annie Lea and son Dennis, Mrs Pink (mother of seventeen children), Bill Bell, Mrs Wyles, Mr and Mrs Fred Simpkins, Fred Goodfield, Bill Clark, Tim Rich, Charlie Watts, Albert and Audrey Fishlock (its last inhabitants).  (Information from Don Lea.)

Over a number of years the current owners have extensively restored the house and our last visit in 2008 shows the renovations have been completed.
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Bremilham - photo: 0003
The Big House', Cowage Farm.
On the left is Mr Rich, the then owner
Photo No: 0003     Size: 273k
Photo Date: Date unknown
Bremilham - photo: 0002
Outside Bremilham Mill
Left-right: Annie Lea (nee Legg), unknown, Ernest Lea
Children: Dennis Lea and unknown
Photo No: 0002     Size: 216k
Photo Date: Approx. 1912
Bremilham - photo: 0044
The river was teaming with fish - no rod or nets required, Ernest Lea just reached in and picked out a fish for supper!
The Mill can be seen in the background
Photo No: 0044     Size: 940k
Photo Date: Date unknown
Bremilham - photo: 0005
Bremilham Mill
Photographed before recent renovations started
Photo: Don Lea
Photo No: 0005     Size: 390k
Photo Date: 1992
Bremilham - photo: 0052
The Mill in 2008
Photo No: 0052     Size: 552k
Photo Date: September 2008
Bremilham - photo: 0004
Showing the Mill and its closeness to the stream
Photo No: 0004     Size: 432k
Photo Date: 1992
Bremilham - photo: 0053
Photo No: 0053     Size: 1154k
Photo Date: September 2008
Bremilham - photo: 0055
Photo No: 0055     Size: 835k
Photo Date: September 2008
Bremilham - photo: 0054
Photo No: 0054     Size: 1035k
Photo Date: September 2008

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