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 St. James 
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Incumbents of The Church of St. James, Avebury, Wiltshire

The Church of St. James, Avebury


This list is necessarily incomplete

During the Middle Ages this church was held by the Abbey of Cirencester, the Abbots of which unto the Dissolution of the Monasteries by King Henry VII, held the right to present the priest for institution to the benefice.

c.1085 Rainbold
c.1192 Anketyl
1298 Thomas Mayn
1319 John de Hoby
1332 John Lavenay
1339 Robert Durelying de Faireford
1349 John Merecombe
1388 John Arnald
William Hobecock
1398 William Fleter
1405 Edward Slewryt
1406 Robert Sabyn
1415 Robert Portisham
1415 William Taylor
1438 John Smyth
1439 John Balsham
1440 John Bycombe
1441 John Corbet
1441 Simon Tornour
1460 William Dylle
1464 Roger Ebbesham
1470 Robert Walter
Robert Fermor
1478 William Wilson
Richard Holydaye
1520 Richard Arche
William Cannyngs
1522 William Hill
1530 Richard Porte
1538 Robert Stevynson
Henry Banner (Deprived)
1554 Thomas Twysaday Queen Mary I
Thomas Cock
1557 William Walton Philip & Mary
1583 John Barker Queen Elizabeth I
1620 James Forsyth King James I
1660 Nathaniel Power
1670 John White King Charles II
1712 John Mayo Queen Anne
1746 James Mayo I King George II
1767 James Mayo II King George III
1789 James Mayo III King George III
1823 James Mayo IV The Lord Chancellor
1851 William Stow acting by
1852 John L. Ross command of
1863 Bryan King the Crown
1894 William H. Davis Trustees
1901 J. Gill Ward Trustees
1927 Henry W. Workman The Bishop of Sarum
1929 Vivian M. Pooley ~ and thereafter …
1941 Marcus Woodhouse
1945 R. Alan Robbins
1974 Patrick T. Ashdown
1977 P. Andrew Evans
1980 G. R. J. Force-Jones

In 1975 the Benefice of Avebury
was incorporated in the newly
constituted Benefice of
Upper Kennet (Team Ministry)

Given in memory of Revd. R. Alan Robbins, Vicar 1945-1975

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