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 Holy Trinity 
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Holy Trinity Church, Bowerchalke, Wiltshire

Vicars Of Bowerchalke

Date Vicars Date Vicars
1307 Robert de Compton 1878 Cecil G. Moore
1321 Robert de Ockham 1880 Edward Collett
1330 Robert de Raundes 1924 Thomas H. Soulby
1370 John Bailif 1929 A. Lee Kenny
1392 John Greene 1939 James F. Fuller
1407 William Megre 1951 Donald L. Band
1413 Thomas Skerne 1958 Herbert J. Treasure
1440 Thomas Kylling 1970 Niale S. T. Benson
1492 Roger Beckinsel 1981 Antony J. Stott
1506 1988 Robert W. Howard
1575 John Archer 1994 Sydney H. Willcox
1621 John Smith 2002 David E. Henley
1622 Walter Waller
1629 Robert Peyton
1640 John Sloper
1691 Henry Austen
1710 William Wray
1724 Aaron Thompson
1752 John Chafy
1776 James Chartres
1785 John Bainbrigge
1786 Francis Randolph
1788 William Cole
1813 Stephen Hawtrey
1858 William Whitting

In memory of Hilda Monica Lee, 1910-1989
Organist from 1954-1986

II Thessalonians 2.15

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