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 Holy Trinity 
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Holy Trinity Church, Bowerchalke, Wiltshire


IN THE GREAT WAR 1914~1919

James Adlam Richard Harding
George Alner William Harding
Edward Blanchard Arnold Hardwicke
Ernest Blanchard Walter Hill
Albert Burton Albert King
John Burton Fred C. Lewis
John H. Butler Edward Lush
Norman Butler Bert Morris
Fred E. Case Edward Morris
George Chalke Frank Morris
Victor Chalke Harry Morris
Harry Churchill John Morris
Harry Coombs Walter Morris
George Day Charles Munday
Arthur Dimmer Charles Penny
Edgar Feltham Harry Penny
Harry Feltham Wilfred Penny
Joseph A. Frampton William Penny
William Fry Harry A. Pitman
Bertrand H. R. Golden Harry A. Robbins
Harold Goodfellow Ernest R. Silverthorne
William J. Groves Hubert H. Silverthorne
Frank Gulliver William J. Silverthorne
Frederick S. Gulliver Ernest F. Stacey
William Gulliver Harry J. Stacey
William C. Gulliver Albert C. Trowbridge
William Habgood Edward Trowbridge
Hedley G. Hardiman Claude W. Williamson
Leonard A. Harris Eric W. Williamson

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