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Clergy List at the Church of St. Nicholas, Bromham, Wiltshire

Priests of the Benefice and Parish

Rectors of Bromham - St. Nicholas
(Patrons - The Abbey of St. Martin at Battle)

1086 Parish Priest's name not known
1297 Geoffrey
1332 Robertus Bourton de Rysington
1362 Robertus Borton
1398 Thomas Speke
1398 Thomas Campeden
1401 Williamus Dalton
1403 Nicholaus Hawkeridge
1423 Williamus Hogyn
1451 Philippus Uske
1478 Johannes Jordan
1509 Gulmus Gyttons
1536 Dissolution of the Monasteries
(Patronage usurped by private persons)
1538 Thomas Hanley
(Discharged on Accession of Mary I)
1554 George Bancroft
(List of Incumbents incomplete prior to this date)
1573-1597 Hugo Webbe
1600-1657 Robert Richards
1657-1660 Richard Franklyn (Commonwealth intruder)
1660-1668 Timothy Richards (Restoration)
1668-1717 Thomas Wyatt
1717-1741 Thomas Selfe
1741-1793 John Rolt
1793-1857 Henry Bayntun
1857-1904 Edward Beteson Edgell
1905-1906 Gordon Fuller Smythe
1907-1931 John Leofric de Buckenhold Thorold
1931-1947 Percy Grandfield Phillips
1947-1950 Frederick Ernest Dossetor
1951-1962 James Frederick Collins
1962-1979 Charles Eric Waters (From 1972 also Vicars of Chittoe)
1979-1980 Ronald Glyn Brown

Chantry Priests to the Beauchamp Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary & St. Nicholas at Bromham

1492 (Priest's name not known)
1508 Johannes Ladd
1508 Almericus Lambe
1514 Johannes Clyffe
1521 Gulielmus Slade
1537 Johannes Tyler
(Until the Dissolution of the Chantries)

Vicars of Chittoe - St. Mary the Virgin
(Patrons - Spicers of Spye Park)

1845-1867 Meredith Meredith-Brown
1867-1886 Charles Hall Raikes
1886-1908 Henry Herbert Mogg
1908-1912 Evelyn Beaumont Burnaby
1913-1922 William Instone Wolfenden
1922-1932 Thomas Guy Morres
1932-1934 Bryan Bernard Carter
1934-1972 Reginald St. John Beardsworth Battersby
1972-1979 Charles Eric Waters (Held in Plurality with Bromham)
1979-1980 Ronald Glyn Brown (Held in Plurality with Bromham)
(First Rector of Bromham, Chittoe and Sandy Lane)

From 1st July 1980 Rectors of the United Benefice and Parish of Bromham, Chittoe and Sandy Lane
(Patrons - Salisbury Diocesan Board of Patronage and Spicers of Spye Park jointly)

1980-1998 Ronald Glyn Brown

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